Referral Services

Pointing you in the right direction

We understand that there are limits to how we can assist. This page is a resource page dedicated to like-minded organizations that serve the community in different ways. Please contact us if you want to appear on this page or alternatively no longer offer assistance.

Suggested Resources

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Housing and Utilities Referrals

One response to “Referral Services

  1. Hello, does your organization assist with rent as well as some of the organizations that are listed? I have tried calling churches and a few of the ones you have listed and so far have not had much luck. I have had a really rough time. I lost my son and ever since then, things have really gone downhill for myself and my girls. I have been able to make sure everything has been paid but this month I am just short on my rent and am having the hardest time coming up with the rest. I’m not sure what to do. I just thought I would reach out to you guys as well. If you do not assist with rent, please let me know. I will keep trying other places. Have a blessed day. Thank you!

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